About Lisa

What a difference a year makes! 2020 is significant for many reasons. For me it has meant a career change to the fashion industry that no one could have predicted. Like many black women I have always worn a head scarf at night to protect and maintain my ever-changing hair styleIt’s not a vanity project, it’s a necessity like brushing your teeth before going to bed; its natural and done without a second thought.  

That said, it appears to be the world’s best kept secret in fashionIt was a joke made whilst we were shopping by my husband regarding aesthetically stylish nightwear with a matching head scarf that started this journeyHe joked about why the two never matched. I felt compelled to approach my cousin Jackie, a designer as I thought the time is now to recognise, celebrate and acknowledge the longstanding union between headscarf and nightwear. An act done by many of our beloved mother’s, grandmother’s and their mothers before them for generations! I dedicate this collection to them; I thank my husband for the inspiration and for all women anywhere in the world……..Enjoy!  

About Jacqueline

My passion for making clothes started when I was a child watching my mum sewing on a singer sewing machine, the same sewing machine I still use to this day! I did not set out to be a designer, but my love of creativity led me to Art College and a career in fashion. My love of design and product development flourished in an industry that is varied with continual evolving trends, there is never a dull moment. It is this varied forever changing landscape that makes a career in fashion exciting.

Throughout my career, I have always worked to develop products I would be proud of, that were made beautifully with attention to fit and detail. This collaboration with Lisa was an exciting opportunity to develop a product for a customer we recognised and know personally, the need to coordinated nightwear with your headscarf. We approached this range with the following principle, it must be made beautifully and coordinated with the headscarf.

My creativity and love of product development were allowed to flourish on this collection because it was one I could relate to and bringing over 25 years of technical knowledge in product development and sourcing to this new venture.

We hope you love the collection as much as we enjoyed developing it.